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Q: What is a CCELL cartridge? 

A: A CCELL cartridge is a revolutionary ceramic vape cartridge design that uses nano holes for improved heat distribution, heightened leak resistance, and outstanding flavor. 

Q: How long do CCELL batteries last? 

A. This depends on the type of CCELL battery you’re using, your frequency of use, and the duration of use. If you’re using a standard Li-ion battery, you can expect to lose 1/5 of your battery power after approximately 300 vape cycles. It’s highly recommended that you maintain a steady charge on your CCELL battery to ensure a premium vaping experience. 

Q: Are CCELL cartridges compatible with other batteries? 

A. With so many types of batteries on the market, there is no certainty that a CCELL cart will work with another brand’s battery. However, CCELL carts uses 510 threading for a greater likelihood of compatibility with most types of CCELL batteries.

Q: How soon do shipments go out? 

A. Orders placed before 2:00pm PST are typically shipped out same day. Orders placed after 2:00pm PST are shipped out the next business day. Please allow 5 – 7 business days for shipping.  Please contact us if you would like expedited shipping.