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Welcome to, a leading wholesaler of the original CCELL cartridge based in Los Angeles. CCELL cartridges revolutionized the vape game when they hit the market, rapidly become the gold standard for vape connoisseurs for providing unparalleled flavor, smoother hits and improved leak resistance for viscous oils. At, we’re devoted to bringing you the best official CCELL products at low wholesale prices. As cheap imitations continue to flood the market, you can rely on us to bring you the original CCELL carts with all of their acclaimed features.

Our vast array of CCELL coil models and carts is just the beginning of what we offer. Peruse our massive stock of CCELL battery designs, including the acclaimed CCELL Palm battery. Need packaging for your CCCELL carts? We’ve got you covered with a variety of child resistant tubes specifically designed to accommodate a CCELL cartridge.

At, we’re committed to bringing you the highest quality CCELL cartridges at the lowest wholesale prices. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

We're located at 1801 E 41st St, Vernon, CA 90058.